The Circle City Renegades Power Soccer Team's First Tournament!

On November 23 and 24, 2019, the Circle City Renegades participated in their first ever tournament as our new team at the Turnstone Plassman Athletic Center in Fort Wayne, IN! While it started off a little rough, with a loss to RHI Inferno by 3 points, the Circle City Renegades switched up their strategy and eventually came out with One win, Three ties, and only the One loss! When you have a brand new team that has never played a game together before, it can take some time to get your bearings, re-strategize, and come out on top. With only one loss and 8 points scored against us in five games over the two-day tournament, we call this one a win for the Circle City Renegades. Now we have a strategy moving forward, and only need to make minor adjustments, practice our skills, and keep learning new plays. We held two teams that are in a higher division than us to tie both games against ASPO Force (2-2) and St. Louis Arrows (1-1). Our game against Turnstone Furious Flyers was a shut out tie at 0-0. The Circle City Renegades had some amazing defense, but need to learn how to get past the other defense to put some points on the board. That being said, we held our own in our first tournament ever. Colton Darst (#12, 7-years-old) played his first games ever in this sport and was able to come out with a goal! He gained some great insight into how this game is played by playing against opponents for the first time, and he improved his skills and coordination with every game. We are proud of his performance, and hope this tournament helped solidify his love for the game of Power Soccer! Below are some photos of the tournament! All photos are courtesy of David Arnold with Loft 58 Photography. (https://www.loft58photography.com/)

The first game against RHI Inferno was a tough start, but we held them defensively once we changed up our defensive and offensive strategy. This was a great learning game for our team to know where our strengths and weaknesses lie, and how to counter those to hold them in the second half. The final score was RHI Inferno-5, Circle City Renegades-2.

Our second game was against ASPO Force who are a division above the Circle City Renegades. This was an intense game which ended in a 2-2 tie due to the Circle City Renegades’ change in playing strategy after our first game. Here are some action shots of that game.

Our third and final game on day one of the tournament was against the Hot Shots Power Soccer Team. This is the game where Colton Darst #12 scored his first goal of his power soccer career! Although we won 2-0, the Hot Shots held their own, and showed great improvement from past seasons. Their communication and ability to play as a team shows great promise for this young and up and coming team! Here are some action shots from that game.

Our first game of day two of the tournament was with Turnstone Furious Flyers. This was a shut out game tied at 0-0! Great defense by both teams created an inability for either to get a point on the board, but it goes in as a tie for both teams. Great job Turnstone Furious Flyers! Here are some action shots of the game.

Our final game on day two was against the St. Louis Arrows, associated with St. Louis Power Soccer United. This team had been the team to watch all tournament, but we were able to hold them to 1-0 for the entire match until they finally scored at the buzzer tying it to 1-1. Our defense held strong through most of the game, but we ultimately ended the tournament with a 1-3-1 ratio. Not a bad start for this new team’s first tournament ever! Here are some action shots of the game.

All in all, it was a great tournament and a wonderful experience! Our newest and youngest player got his first goal, and our defense held the opposition to low scoring goals. Now to work on our offense to get better scoring strategies. Colton Darst learned what it is like to play a real game, and after the tournament he told Coach Michael that he really liked playing Power Wheelchair Soccer! Thank you, Colton, for joining our team and for sticking in there with us to see what the sport is really like. We look forward to our next tournament on January 4, 2020 at the Incrediplex Sports Complex in Indianapolis, IN.

Tournament Results: the score for the ASPO Force game should read 2-2

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